Our Awesome Team!

The Management Team

The Management Team at Herb Easley Motors are responsible for all its overall operations and administrative functions.

Brad Lawson

General Manager

Jean Seabourn


Ryan Decker

General Sales Manager

Jon Barnum

Office Manager

Herb Easley- Marti Harrell

Marti Harrell

Executive Assistant

The Marketing & Digital Sales Team

This is where the magic happens! The face and voice of Herb Easley Motors. This team is responsible for all of the dealership’s branding, advertising and digital sales.

Shehan Karunaratne

Marketing Manager

Rocky Woodruff

Digital Sales Manager

Herb Easley | Liz Ortiz

Elizabeth Ortiz

Digital Sales Consultant

Harroll Willett- Herb Easley Motors

Harroll Willett

Digital Sales Consultant

Herb Easley Motors | Chloe Nemetz

Chloe Nemetz

Digital Marketing Specialist

Herb Easley- Casey Washington

Casey Washington

Digital Marketing Specialist

The Chevrolet Sales Team

The group of highly experienced professionals selling, financing and leasing brand new Chevrolet vehicles.

Herb Easley Motors | Gary Haynes

Gary Haynes

Chevrolet Sales Manager

Rocky Young

Chevrolet Sales Manager

Charles Bowden

Sales Associate

Flynn Terry

Sales Associate

Guadalupe Rodriguez

Sales Associate

Mark Campbell

Sales Associate

Mike Fairchild

Sales Associate

Herb Easley- Sean Mizell

Sean Mizell

Sales Associate

Herb Easley- Tanner Maples

Tanner Maples

Sales Associate

Herb Easley- Haz Brasfield

Haz Brasfield

Delivery Specialist

The Pre-Owned Sales Team

The friendly faces in Wichita Falls, Texas that makes the dream of buying a vehicle come true to hundreds of people a month. The professional but fun pre-owned vehicle sales team at Herb Easley.

Herb Easley Motors | Jack Snoderly

Jack Snoderly

Pre-Owned Sales Manager

Dylan Milne- Herb Easley

Dylan Milne

Pre-Owned Sales Manager

Brenlan Alan (BA)

Sales Associate

Herb Easley- Amber Harrison

Amber Harrison

Sales Associate

Herb Easley- Joseph Morton

Joseph Morton

Sales Associate

Juan Sandavol

Sales Associate

Al' Antwan Kirt- Herb Easley

Al’ Antwan Kirt

Sales Associate

Herb Easley-Tyler Ohm

Tyler Ohm

Sales Associate

Herb Easley- Jason Jinks

Jason Jinks

Sales Associate

The “J-Lot” Pre-Owned Sales Team

If you’re on a tight budget but still want a new vehicle, these are the only people you want to run to in town. Its guaranteed, they’ll take good care of you!

Herb Easley- Eric Snow

Eric Snow

Pre-Owned Sales Manager

Derek Matthews

Assistant Pre-Owned Sales Manager

Brandon Galloway

Sales Associate

Ladena Skelton

Sales Associate

The Imports Sales Team

The high tech, go-to Mazda & Volkswagen guys within the region.

Herb Easley Motors | Chad Martz

Chad Martz

Imports Sales Manager

Nelson Castillo- Herb Easley

Nelson Castillo

Sales Associate

Herb Easley- Randy Castro

Randy Castro

Sales Associate

Herb Easley-Phalon McMillin

Phalon Mcmillin

Sales Associate

The Finance Team

The financial gurus! They’re here to make the literally the impossible happen – and they do!

Herb Easley Motors | Steve Hott

Steve Hott

Finance Director

Jerry Yaggi

Finance Specialist

Herb Easley- Morgan Powers

Morgan Powers

Finance Specialist

The Service Team

The blood of the dealership! These are brave men and women that make the unhappy customers happy by treating them right and making sure they ARE taken care of after the sale every. single. day.

Wayne Goff

Fixed-Ops Director

Herb Easley- Michael Williams

Michael Williams

Service Manager

Herb Easley- Mackenzie Allen

Mackenzie Allen

Service Cashier

Cristie Cook

GM Service Consultant

The Parts & Body Shop Team

The team with the works and the parts!

Adison Lee

Body Shop Manager

John Nemetz- Herb Easley

John Nemetz

Parts Manager

Lupita Herrera

Body Shop Consultant

Tracy Johnson

Parts Specialist

Roger Combs

Parts Specialist